Deino Trotta also known as: Phil Trotta, Rocky, Tenzin Dawa


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JANUARY  SATURDAY  20TH,  2018  at  7:00 pm
Concert Location:
At Historical Landmark Baptist Church
609 Figueroa Street, Folsom, CA
Ticket available:  916 985-3250

more information:
Clip from Auburn Concert

SH_4S_1   STAR HARP for Concerts

To quote Deino, “While playing The Star Harp most people have shared with me their experiences of hearing angelic voices and the orchestration of a symphony of the universe that takes them on a very private spiritual journey of the heart and mind.”

A few of Deino Trotta’s Star Harp performance credits include:
MTV Productions, Los Angeles, CA.
Pasadena Center, Pasadena, CA.
The World Symposium on Humanity, L.A. CA.
Cal Expo, State Fair, Sacramento, CA.
Smithsonian Institution “Year of the Child”
Recorded on “Dogs That Fly” albums
Also on “The David Chalmers Band” albums

SH_1  Future STAR HARP
SH_2  SH_3 Hand Carved
SH_5  SH_4 8 Years in Progress

Tibetan Monks Video
by Deino Trotta or Tenzin Dawa
Aug 17, 2014

Yellow Sub – Aug. 6 1969pic-meter-org1-large
Geshe Lobsang Tsultrim – 2014
Geshe Gyeltsen’s – 2014CP-9_72dpi_2014
Geshe Lobsang Tsultrim – 2014P-3_72dpi_2014
 Geshe Lobsang Tsultrim and Stan Padilla – 2014
Geshe Lobsang Tsultrim – 2014P-5_72dpi_2014
Tibetan Monks – 2014P-6_72dpi_2014
White Tara or Tenzin Drolkar -2014P-7_72dpi_2014
2008 – Dick St. PierreDick_St_Pierre
2006 – Emma AndersenEmma 2006
2006 – Steve, Michelle, Lucy Andersen’sSteve_Michele_Lucy_2006
2006 – Michelle AndersenMichele_2006
2006 – Janet Andersen and daughter ErinJannet_Erin_2006
2006 – Austin AndersenAustin_2006
2006 – David, Kim, and Bud Andersen
2006 Bob Cullifer
Bob Cullifer
1968 – Law Office of Sanders & DotsonSanders_Dotson

1972 – “Professor  Whitey, The Swede”

The Chinese Parade – 1972Chinese_Parade-1a

Wedged on a spit of land that had been hurriedly carved out from the precarious hill above the main street of town, stood two stoic houses that clung to the rocks and sliding earth.
Long ago it held lights that led the way to stone steps from back alleyway doors of saloons, where women waited in red and black, feathers and sparkle through the night, to be enumerated to laugh, and listen, to engage their talents and energies.
one large entry room held the creak of wooden floors opening to a long, shadowed hallway, where small cubicle rooms held the length of closed curtains and muffled voices.
In time as all things do, the people and the occupation of that house disappeared from the budding frontier, and an industrious Chinese family, The Chan’s, bought the land and its history and changed the course of events that brought the first Joss house that sat across from highway fifty nestled in a hill.
It was recorded in the archival books at the local library in Placerville, that the parade that ensued following the building of the new Joss house was accompanied with banners, horns, flags, and people bedecked in the finest of silk attire to mark the respect of the occasion.
Description so identifying with the exception of colors that only your imagination could fill in the details of its splendor.
Again the clock of years moved the circumstances forward to see a new liveliness that took interest in this historic place, a family with an artist that had graced the walls with his historic works in the San Francisco Museum of Art, Crocker Museum, Oakland museum and the outreach of others who had recognized his talents in credibly capturing moments of the past on canvas. Deino Trotta walked the Main Street of town looking at faces, people who stood out in his special sight, and came back to the small studio, that same historic house of many people, many lives on Reservoir Street, to paint the impressions he wanted to safeguard for the future of this small town he had fallen in love with and wanted to preserve in his way. His guests filled the passages of time through the doorway; No one on Main Street below, save for a few and the diary held in trust at Utah Southern State would know Dr. John Laurence Seymour had begun writing an opera for the Metropolitan one snowy evening within its walls, the mezzo-soprano Jean Craft had delighted to share an offering of voice and magic in treasured tone.
Eventually impermanence made its entrance and moved the circumstance, the house stood empty through winters and summers, save for homeless and transients who knew there was a night’s rest before moving on. One by one the boards gave way to the face of damage, numbers and the identity of what had been an address succumbed to rubble.
The people are gone, the house has disappeared and the land once again is a plain spit of land.

Krishna mid-1970’s
St. John’s Art Festival
Religious & Spiritual Art
Owned by Sandra Nomer
 Swami Sri Yukteswar 1972
1972 – Swami Sri Yukteswar
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Crocker Kingsley
50th – Anniversary Exhibition

Mounthood – Late 1960’s

EyeGod 1970
1970 – EyeGod
   Self – Portrait   late 1960’s

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